I didn’t think I would feel the effects of Roaccutane so quickly, but I was wrong. I just took my 8th pill, meaning today officially marked a week on Roaccutane.

So far, there has been no real effect on my skin. It’s pretty much the same, still the clearest it’s been. I had a few pimples pop up on my forehead and right cheek.
My chest was a bit congested with some spots, but that has cleared up. That may be because of the medicine I was on before the Roaccutane, or possibly because I don’t normally get pimples there anyways.

I didn’t expect my skin to be clear right away, obviously it’s going to take months to clear it up completely. But I was worried about the initial flare up, so I went on YouTube and found Katie Snooks.
She’s just finished 8 months on Roaccutane and documented her skin everyday while on it.



Her skin now is amazing, and it gave me a lot of hope for when I finish.
She’s also given my the confidence to photograph my journey weekly, which I will include at the end of the post.

But now for the side effects.

Firstly, I am so very tired. I get 8-9 hours of sleep every night but am really struggling to get out of bed, and when I do I am foggy the whole day. Naps do not help, I just wake up feeling even more tired.

My skin is a little drier, and my legs and arms have been really itchy.

My lips are drying out a little, but this probably doesn’t help when I leave the fan on (it’s a little hot).

My hair is still getting oily fairly fast, so having a drier scalp is something I look forward to.

Anyways, that’s it really. So have a photo of my skin, and I’ll speak with you next week.


Day 1 compared to day 8.




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